Install Seatext on your website by following the instructions below. The installation process is secure, and the AI remains inert until activated, ensuring the integrity of your website's content.
BigCommerce Integration
Step 1: Copy the Javascript code from SEATEXT AI which appear in this section below.
Step by step integration
Step 2: Access your BigCommerce dashboard and navigate to the "Channel Manager" menu. Select your store from the "Storefronts" section.

You have now successfully installed SEATEXT AI on your website using JavaScript. Allow one hour for SEATEXT AI to scan your website and translate and create all content variants.

Activating AI: Proceed to the Main AI Hub to activate the necessary AI on your preferred pages. Click on "Configuration" to adjust the AI parameters.

Optional Editing: SEATEXT AI provides your initial round of automatic translations and variants for testing. Log in to your SEATEXT AI account, navigate to "Variants Edit" in the left panel, and select the URL and language you wish to edit. Here, you can review, create, or manually edit translations for your variants.
Next, go to the "Script Manager" menu and locate the blue "Create a Script" button. Click on it to proceed.
Provide a descriptive name and description for the script as desired. Fill in the remaining fields as follows:
  • "Location on page" = "Head"
  • "Select pages where script will be added" = "All pages"
  • "Script category" = "Essential"
  • "Script type" = "Script"
  • "Script contents" = Here you only paste the code snippet's <script>
  • Finally,Click on the blue " Save" button: