Personalize text for EACH visitor
This page is designed to provide personalized content for each visitor based on their unique profile stored in the customer data platform (CDP). The CDP profile may include a variety of information such as age, gender, interests, education, location, and more than 1000 other parameters. CHECK IT OUT BELOW.
SEATEXT KNOWS WHAT TEXT IS converting each user.
SEATEXT RUNS MILLIONS OF AB TESTS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT TEXT IS PERFECT FOR EACH TYPE OF USER, so each user sees text wich will convert it to the buyer with the highest probability.
40MS response time. Extremely fast performance guaranteed.
We match Millions of possible CDP profile combinations with database of millions of text base combinations less than 40MS.
CDP stands for Customer Data Platform. It is a type of software tool that helps businesses collect, manage, and analyze customer data from different sources in order to improve customer experiences and increase sales.

CDPs are designed to work with a variety of data sources, such as website traffic, social media, email marketing campaigns, CRM systems, and offline purchases. They use machine learning algorithms and other data analysis techniques to identify patterns and insights that can help businesses make better decisions about how to engage with their customers.


What is CDP?
Some of the key features of a CDP include:

Data integration: CDPs can integrate data from a variety of sources, regardless of format or location.
Data cleansing: CDPs can clean and normalize data to ensure it is accurate and consistent.
Customer profile creation: CDPs create unified customer profiles that include demographic, behavioral, and transactional data.
Personalization: CDPs use customer profiles to personalize experiences across all channels and touchpoints.
Analytics and reporting: CDPs provide analytics and reporting tools that help businesses
This text is not changed on each load - our clients have the ability to choose what text should be rewritten and which is not.
Our system will not only personalizes text elements for each visitor but also has the capability to translate the content to their preferred language. It also identifies the most relevant benefits of your product to showcase to each visitor, ensuring they see the information most valuable to them. In the future, it will also optimize the landing page based on the search terms used in Google AdWords or Facebook advertising campaigns, when the campaign ID is provided.
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