General Integration
Translate all your content and make your website multilingual within minutes.
Translate your website with Seatext
JavaScript - Integration
Step 1: Copy the Javascript code from Seatext
Copy the javascript code which appear in the first section, in the installation seccion.
Step 2: Paste the Javascript code from Seatext
Then paste it into the section of your HTML pages (if you’re using a CMS to build your website, this is usually located in the CMS settings, under a tab that will be titled “Custom Code” or something similar).
If you’re building your site from scratch, simply paste the JavaScript snippet on all your website HTML pages just before the end of the "body" tag (before </body>).
Step 3: It’s done!
You’ve now successfully translated your website using JavaScript. Your website will be automaically translated into 50 languages.
Step 4: Start edditing, if you want
Seatext provides you with the first round of automatic translation. To view them, log in to your Seatext account and then go to "Variants Edit". Here, you can review and manually edit all your translations.
This general setup guide describes how to translate your website with Seatext