Godaddy Integration
Translate all your content and make your Godaddy website multilingual within minutes with Seatext.
Translate your Godaddy website with Seatext
Godaddy - Integration / Setup
Please copy the JavaScript code that is provided on the Installation Instructions page.
Step 2: Paste the Javascript code from Seatext on your website
  • Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  • Navigate to your products and select the website you wish to translate.
  • Click “Edit Site” to open the Website Builder.
  • Once in the Website Builder, navigate to the page where you want to add the translation feature and click “Add Section” on the desired page.
Step 3: It’s done!
You’ve now successfully translated your website using JavaScript. Your website will be automatically translated into 50 languages.
Step 4: Start edditing, if you want
Seatext provides you with the first round of automatic translation. To view them, log in to your Seatext account and then go to "Variants Edit". Here, you can review and manually edit all your translations.
Step 1: Copy the Javascript code from Seatext on your website
Step by step integration
  • In the right panel, click on “Files & Web”.
  • Look for the “HTML” section and add it to your page.
Paste the code provided in the section Custom Code in the right panel.
In the section Forced Height set the value to 0. Finally click on Done and Publish to save changes.