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SEATEXT| uses A customer data platform (CDP) to understand a visitor's sex, age, and interests, can greatly improve conversions by tailoring the website's text content to the individual visitor.
SEATEXT| automatically runs millions of A/B tests, significantly reducing the workload for the marketing team. Instead of manually creating and running A/B tests, this system can generate millions of variants of text automatically and test their performance.
How does it work?
CDP send data about visitor
SEATEXT| create text especially for this visior
Text is implemented on website
Website upload data with sales
Seatext optimize text based on sales
New variants are tested
Original text

Our Kindle devices are designed so you can read comfortably for hours. Kindle has a unique black and white glare-free display that reads like paper even in bright sunlight and enables weeks of battery life. With the display’s distinctive nature, slight shadows of previous text or images can sometimes remain visible on the screen. The display quickly refreshes occasionally to remove these shadows and ensure a high-quality optical experience

The power of custom message

Do you love curling up with a good book and getting lost in a different world? If so, then you've gotta check out the Kindle! It's an awesome device that lets you read all your favorite books anytime, anywhere. The screen is super easy on your eyes, so you can read for hours without getting tired. Plus, the battery lasts for weeks, so you don't have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of a great story. And the best part? You can carry a ton of books with you wherever you go, all in one tiny, lightweight device.

Text is rewritten by AI for 12 yo teenager
Original text

The lawyers at Katz Law are committed to assisting creditors such as landlords, plaintiffs in legal cases, mortgage lenders, mortgage servicers, foreclosure trustees, business owners, and more. We assist creditors in bankruptcy cases where individuals or businesses owe them money. Our aim is to prevent any unfair treatment of our clients in the debtor's bankruptcy and increase their chances of recovering their claims.
Text is rewritten by AI for 64 yo
The attorneys at Katz Law work to help people and businesses who are owed money. This includes landlords, people who have won a lawsuit, companies that give mortgages, companies that help with mortgages, companies that handle foreclosures, and business owners. We help these creditors in cases where the person or business who owes them money has filed for bankruptcy. Our goal is to make sure our clients are treated fairly and to help them get back as much money as possible
Original text

Both home and business owners in San Diego were on the forefront of the solar revolution and many of those pioneers choose Stellar Solar to get their jobs done right. Stellar Solar is San Diego's original solar panel installer, installing residential and commercial solar panels in Southern California for homeowners like you since 1998. Since then, over 14,000 homeowners have selected Stellar for their rooftop and ground mounted solar panel systems across Southern California. Our reputation as the best solar power company in San Diego is validated by being voted "San Diego's Best Solar Company" in the annual San Diego Union Tribune Readers Poll 10 times in the last 12 years, including again in 2022.

Stellar Solar is recognized as the best solar company in San Diego. We have been in the solar installation business since 1998 and have served over 14,000 homeowners in Southern California. We have a strong reputation in San Diego, as validated by readers of the San Diego Union Tribune who have voted us "San Diego's Best Solar Company" 10 times in the last 12 years, including in 2022.
Text is rewritten by AI for google search "Best solar company in San Diego"
Our system will not only personalizes text elements for each visitor but also has the capability to translate the content to their preferred language. It also identifies the most relevant benefits of your product to showcase to each visitor, ensuring they see the information most valuable to them. In the future, it will also optimize the landing page based on the search terms used in Google AdWords or Facebook advertising campaigns, when the campaign ID is provided.
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