Install Seatext on your website by following the instructions below. Installation is safe, and AI doesn't change anything on your website until activated.
Platform Integration
Step 1: Copy the Javascript code bellow
Step by step integration
Step 2: Paste the Javascript code from Seatext on your website
Open your Weebly account, and go inside your Website edit mode, by clicking in the menu on the left Website>Edit Site
Step 3: It’s done!

You’ve now successfully installed SEATEXT AI on your website using JavaScript.
After installation, wait for one hour as SEATEXT AI scans your website to translate and create all content variants.

Step 3: Activating AI

Navigate to the Main AI Hub to activate the required AI on the desired pages. Click on Configuration to adjust the AI parameters.

Step 4: Start editing, if you want

SEATEXT AI provides your first round of automatic translations and variants to test. Log in to your SEATEXT AI account, in the left panel navigate to "Variants Edit" select the URL and the language you want to edit. In this section you can review, create, or manually edit translations for your variants.
Inside your Website edit mode, click on Settings:
Open the edit mode by clicking in the buttom Edit of the project you want to translate:
Find the “Footer Code” section, and copy/paste the JavaScript snippet provided on your Seatext account page:
Then click on SEO to open the SEO section:
Finally, click “Save” and then click “Publish”: