Install Seatext on your website by following the instructions below. The installation process is secure, and the AI remains inert until activated, ensuring the integrity of your website's content.
Simplero Integration
Step 1: Copy the JavaScript code provided by SEATEXT AI, which can be found in the section below.

Step by step integration
1) Log into your Simplero account.
2) Select Your Site:
3) Go to the “Spaces” section if you’re working with memberships or select the specific area (like Landing Pages, Products, or Courses) where you want to add the JavaScript.
4) Edit Page or Site Settings:
5) For a specific page, look for an option to edit the page’s settings where you can add custom scripts.
6) For site-wide JavaScript, you might need to access the settings or theme customization options. This often involves editing the HTML/CSS settings or finding a “Scripts” section.
7) Insert JavaScript Code (you can get it clicking on other platforms on Seatext installation page))
If you're on a page editor, there might be an HTML widget or a custom code block where you can paste your JavaScript code.
For site-wide scripts, look for a section labeled something like "Header scripts" or "Footer scripts" in your site settings. These sections are typically used to add code that you want to run on every page.

Paste your JavaScript code into the appropriate box- better right before </head>tag
Learn more here
Access Your Simplero Dashboard: