Install Seatext on your website by following the instructions below. Installation is safe, and AI doesn't change anything on your website until activated.
WooCommerce Integration
Step 1: Copy the Javascript code from SEATEXT AI which appear in this section below.
Step by step integration
Step 2: Paste the Javascript code from Seatext on your website

The default method to add custom code to WooCommerce is by using the in-built theme editor. You can access the functions.php and add PHP code directly to it. However, if there are mistakes in the code or you delete parts of the code, your website may be seriously affected. That’s why we recommend using a child theme and adding an extra layer of security.
To open the functions.php file in your Theme Editor, go to Appearance > Theme Editor on your dashboard. Then, click on functions.php on the Theme Files sidebar towards the right.

Step 6: It’s done!

You’ve now successfully installed SEATEXT AI on your website using JavaScript.
After installation, wait for one hour as SEATEXT AI scans your website to translate and create all content variants.

Step 7: Activating AI

Navigate to the Main AI Hub to switch on the required AI for chosen pages. Select Configuration to modify the AI parameters.

Step 8: Start editing, if you want

SEATEXT AI provides your first round of automatic translations and variants to test. Log in to your SEATEXT AI account, in the left panel navigate to "Variants Edit" select the URL and the language you want to edit. In this section you can review, create, or manually edit translations for your variants.
Paste this script in your Theme Editor and Update the file to apply the changes.
Using a plugin is more beginner-friendly when it comes to adding snippets. You can easily control what bits of code you enable on your website and any code you add will be saved even if you change your theme. Additionally, you can activate or deactivate any code at any point.

In this case, we’ll be using the Code Snippets plugin. It’s one of the most popular plugins to add custom code to any site.

First, install the plugin by opening your WP Admin Dashboard and going to Plugins > Add New. Use the search bar on the top right and search for Code Snippets. Then, click Install and finally activate the plugin.
After activation, you are ready to add code and customize your WooCommerce store. Go to Snippets > Add New to add new code.

Name your code snippet and add your code to the Code section.

After that, you can decide whether you want to run the code on your whole website or choose between running it on the back-end or the front-end only. Alternatively, you can run this code only once.

Similarly, you can also choose to set a priority for your code and add a snippet description as well as tags.

Once you set up all the details, click Save Changes or Save Changes and Activate to add your new code.

If you want to deactivate or activate your code individually, go to Snippets > All Snippets and you can individually disable or enable any of your snippets.

Paste your SEATEXT AI code in this section
First Option: Add Custom using the In-built WordPress Editor:
Second option: Add Code using Plugins (Recommended for beginners):