Install Seatext on your website by following the instructions below. The installation process is secure, and the AI remains inert until activated, ensuring the integrity of your website's content.
Wordpress Integration
  • Copy the code bellow
  • Install and activate a free plugin called WPCode. You can install the plugin by following the instructions here.
  • Go to Code Snippets > Add New > Add Your Custom Code, click on Use snippet
  • Write a name for the code, for example ´´Seatext Code´´, paste the code on the section Code Preview. Click Update. Set the toggle (next to the Update button) > Active.
  • You can check if the Seatext is active on the Code Snippets panel. Go to Code Snippets > check the Status row, the toggle for Seatext Code must be active.
If you are using Web Performance Optimization (WPO) tools like WP Rocket or LiteSpeed Cache, you must exclude Seatext from the minifying. Also clear cache.
You have now successfully installed SEATEXT AI on your website using JavaScript.

Activating AI: Proceed to the Main AI Hub to activate the necessary AI on your preferred pages. Click on "Settings" to adjust the AI parameters.

Optional Editing: SEATEXT AI provides your initial round of automatic translations and variants for testing. Log in to your SEATEXT AI account, navigate to "Variants Edit" in the left panel, and select the URL and language you wish to edit. Here, you can review, create, or manually edit translations for your variants.