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Understanding SEATEXT
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How seatext works
Make SEATEXT AI a co-pilot on your website
Visitor Personalization
Tailored Content in Milliseconds
When a visitor from any part of the world lands on your website, SEATEXT instantly analyzes their data. This not only includes language preferences but also encompasses an array of visitor-specific details. The AI employs advanced algorithms to determine the most effective content for increasing sales or conversions. Whether it's offering content in the visitor's native language, providing a concise message for mobile users, or adapting the text style for different age demographics, SEATEXT ensures your website dynamically adapts to each visitor, making it highly personalized and sales-effective.
Creation of Text Variants
AI-Powered Copywriting Optimization
SEATEXT utilizes a custom machine learning model, akin to an advanced version of ChatGPT, specifically tuned for optimizing conversion events. This model analyzes patterns and keywords that have historically led to higher conversion rates and rewrites website content to incorporate these elements more frequently. It's akin to having an AI copywriter that knows precisely what to say to enhance your selling potential. Within the SEATEXT interface, users can access the 'Variants Editor' to review, edit, or add new text variants for testing, granting you control over the optimization process.
Advanced Experimentation
Beyond A/B Testing with MVT
SEATEXT elevates traditional A/B testing to Multivariate Testing (MVT) with fixed vectors. This technique allows for the simultaneous testing of hundreds of content variants, employing machine learning to identify effective text combinations rapidly—often five times quicker than standard A/B testing. The process not only accelerates the understanding of what works best for conversions but does so with a remarkable efficiency that's beneficial for websites with varying visitor volumes.
Analytics and Insights
Real-time Conversion Analytics
SEATEXT provides comprehensive insights into how different text variants affect your website's conversion rates. Through the main AI hub, users can track daily conversion rates for any URL, observing the impact of AI-driven content changes. The Variants Editor also displays a conversion score for each text variant, based on our machine learning algorithm, along with an estimated confidence level. This allows for informed decisions about which variants to use, ensuring that only the most effective content is presented to your visitors.
Effortless Implementation
Automatic Optimization for Every Website
Designed for both CRO professionals and those new to website optimization, SEATEXT automates the entire process of identifying and displaying the most effective content variants to your visitors. The platform decides which traffic should see the optimized variants and manages the proportion of traffic allocated for testing new variants. Configuration options are available for those who wish to tailor the testing process further, but no advanced knowledge in CRO, A/B testing, or AI is required to benefit from SEATEXT's capabilities.
Distinction from Traditional A/B Testing
SEATEXT vs. A/B Testing
While traditional A/B testing compares two variants of a webpage to determine which performs better, SEATEXT's approach is far more advanced. Utilizing MVT and fixed vector technology, it quickly identifies the most effective text combinations for conversion, providing insights at a speed and scale unattainable with conventional methods. This results in a more dynamic, efficient, and effective way to optimize website content for sales and conversions.
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