AI will handle 95% of marketing work.
Sam Altman, CEO OpenAI
The easiest way to translate your website to 107 languages and boost sales by +35% with AI
Quick and simple installation in just 1 minute
Less mistakes than Google Translate
Boost in sales through AI-driven translations
Translate your website in just 1 day, not months
Launch your multilingual website faster than ever and grow your conversions. No coding is required! SEATEXT is compatible with any website technology, simply add a snippet of code to your site's header, and your website will be translated—making it that simple.
Time to install on your website
Time to translate your website into 107 languages
1 day to translate into 107 languages
Months (if you need 10 languages)
1 day to update DNS
1 minute to install on your website
90% fewer mistakes than Google translate
By utilizing A/B testing, SEATEXT AI eliminates translations with mistakes, ensuring error-free translations. Even the best human translators may introduce errors, potentially leading to a 50% drop in your conversion rates. Opt for perfection with SEATEXT AI.
  • Research conducted by SEATEXT's internal AI team - over 200 pages tested, with at least 1,000 characters per page.
errors per 1000 characters
errors per 1000 characters
errors per 1000 characters
Sell more with A/B tested translations.
Typical Conversion Rate % in 3 months
DeepL translation
Google translatE
3% sales
1.2 % sales
1.8 % sales
8% sales
The A/B tested translation is a unique feature of SEATEXT AI. SEATEXT AI crafts multiple translations for each language and then utilizes A/B testing to identify the translations that sell the best.
(human translation)
SEATEXT AI can double your sales within three months by optimizing the text on your translated landing page.
SEATEXT AI crafts multiple translations of your content, tests them, and deploys the top performer, resulting in higher conversion rates.
SEATEXT AI translates your content and creates 10 versions of it per language.
How A/B Tested translation help your website to sell more?
Then, it experiments with these versions by showing them to different segments of your visitors to determine which version of the translation sells more.
SEATEXT AI shows much better results if you give time to AI, it will grow conversions every month by finding better text every day.
A/B testing
Conversion rate
Increase in sales
+ 8%
SEATEXT AI creates 10 translations for each text you have on the website.
SEATEXT AI tests these versions to find the one that sells best.
Trusted by global brands across industries, powered by OpenAI GPT-4 and delivered seamlessly through Cloudflare CDN.
Full editing control

Feel free to edit your translations in any language. You're welcome to use human translators to review and edit variants if needed.

  • Customize your translation in our translation editor.
  • Use your translators if you wish.
Translation Variants
Edit variant
Edit variant
Edit variant
Next-level SEO for translated websites. All your translated pages are immediately indexed by Google.

Translate your new website content instantly

SEATEXT AI automatically identifies and translates newly added content, eliminating the need for manual translation of your latest updates.
Connect unlimited domains to supercharge your SEO strategy across the globe. Unlike competition, SEATEXT AI doesn't limit you to just one domain. Feel free to register hundreds of domains to the countries you wish and for the keywords you need.
For each page on your website, SEATEXT AI creates SEO pages in 107 languages to boost your global traffic.
1 domain only
One-click website images and video translation

Upload your translated images with a single click to SEATEXT. SEATEXT seamlessly handles, showcases, and automatically incorporates your translated images into your web content. Other translation software ask you to upload pictures to your own hosting and link them, which takes time and can create errors with a huge amount of media files.
SEO languages supported
Connected domains
Intelligent Keyword Integration
**Weglot offers 20 translated languages at $769 a month.
*SEATEXT AI offers SEO for 107 languages on free plan.

Images translation panel
The easiest-to-install translation system
More than 200 platforms supported
+200 Platforms
It only takes 1 minute to install SEATEXT AI on your website.
Dynamic websites work perfectly with SEATEXT
Integrate SEATEXT AI into your project with just a single script. SEATEXT AI automatically handles all the translation needs, whether for a SPA or a large-scale internal SaaS portal. To exclude specific sections, like a DIV, tag it, and SEATEXT AI will skip it.
Dynamic websites work perfectly with SEATEXT
SEATEXT AI integrates with your favorite tools
Requires scripting for each element or button.
No coding is required.
Every dynamic element needs installation.
Once installed, works everywhere.
Preserve your brand voice across languages

Don´t miss the mark on your brand's character. SEATEXT AI understands exactly how to maintain your brand's unique tone and style while translating. With SEATEXT AI your translated content stays true to your character.
Of translators fail to maintain your brand voice when translating your content.
SEATEXT AI dynamically adapts fonts for different languages.
Your website's font for English may not look good for Chinese or Korean translations—some fonts may not even have a variant for such languages, and the text could end up appearing as ■■■■■. Our AI automatically detects such situations and fixes them.
Adapts fonts for different languages
SAAS companies
  • AI Translate and optimize your landing page content automatically.

  • AI Finetune your landing page in all languages for maximum conversions.

  • AI Translate your software into 107 languages in one day- not months just add 1 JS code
More sales from your landing page
Translate your software into 107 languages.