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In the realm of website translation services, Seatext emerges as a revolutionary solution, leveraging advanced AI to optimize multilingual capabilities of websites. Seatext is not confined to WordPress but extends its compatibility to over 200 platforms, including Shopify, Squarespace, and Webflow, providing automatic SEO optimization for 50 languages.

It is renowned for creating 10 translations for each text on your website and utilizing AI-driven A/B testing to identify the most effective variant, enhancing conversion rates and ensuring error-free translations.

However, if you’re seeking different solutions, let’s explore some Seatext alternatives and delve into their features and pricing, focusing primarily on popular WordPress translation plugins.

Seatext: A Comprehensive Translation Solution

Seatext is not just about WordPress; it’s compatible with over 200 platforms, including Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, etc., and custom-built sites. It provides automatic SEO optimization for 50 languages, ensuring your content ranks well on international search engines.

What are the Best Seatext Alternatives?

1 . WPML

WPML stands out as one of the pioneering plugins offering extensive solutions for managing WordPress translation and creating multilingual sites.

Key Features

  • Full Website Translation: Translate every element of your website, including pages, taxonomy, menus, posts, and custom types.

  • Machine Translation: Utilizes leading machine translation providers like Google, Microsoft, and DeepL, allowing modifications as needed.

  • Human Translation: Offers professional language translation services or lets you assign jobs to your team of translators.

  • Translation Management: Choose strings to translate and assign them to a translator, equipped with a Glossary and Translation Memory.

WPML Drawbacks

  • Limited Languages: Supports translation into 65 languages.

  • Manual Installation Process: Requires installation of 4 plugins for maximum power.

  • Translation Process: Involves selecting pages or posts to translate on a string-by-string basis.

  • Limited Automatic Translation: WPML provides automated translation services based on a credit system, available through two different plans. The first plan is a pay-as-you-go option, where users receive 2,000 credits each month at no additional cost. If more credits are required, users have the option to acquire an additional 8,000 credits for a maximum of $6.

Alternatively, users can opt for the prepaid credits plan. In this plan, users purchase credits once and allocate them to their sites as needed. These credits can also be utilized for sites that are not subscribed to the pay-as-you-go plan, and they do not have an expiration date. Within this plan, 40,000 credits are available for $50, and 200,000 credits can be obtained for $180.

How Does It Compare With Seatext?

Seatext, with its AI-driven approach, creates 10 translations for each text on your website and A/B tests these variants to find the most effective one, enhancing conversion rates. It provides error-free translations, making 90% fewer mistakes than other machine translators and 50% fewer mistakes than human translators.

2 . Polylang

Polylang is another robust contender for making your WordPress website multilingual, supporting over 100 languages and is also multilingual SEO friendly.

Key Features

  • Full Website Translation: Translate various elements of your website, including pages, posts, media, tags, and categories.

  • Smooth WordPress Integration: Integrates seamlessly with the WordPress interface and is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Polylang Drawbacks

  • A Separate Automatic Translation Plugin Needed: Polylang is primarily for adding manual translations to your WordPress site.

  • Manual Translation Management: Managing translations in different languages may be more time-consuming.

How Does It Compare With Seatext?

Seatext offers an automatic and a/b tested content translation in all plans, ensuring high-quality translation at scale and workflow automation, making your translation project run smoothly. It also provides automatic SEO optimization for 50 languages and supports easy installation on over 200 platforms.

3 . TranslatePress

TranslatePress is exclusively for WordPress and is the newest among all the translation tools.

Key Features

  • WooCommerce Compatibility: Compatible with WooCommerce, translating all transactional pages to support your ecommerce store.

  • Machine Translation From Top Providers: Generates machine translation through DeepL and Google Translate.

TranslatePress Drawbacks

  • Manual Translation Process: Implements machine translation on a manual basis once installed.

  • No Free SEO Support: Doesn’t offer SEO support on its free plans; only paid plans and up.

How Does It Compare With Seatext?

Seatext automatically detects and translates 100% of the content of your site, translating it instantly, ensuring you won’t miss any strings. It uses advanced AI to improve conversions and includes advanced SEO in all plans, even the free ones.

4 . Weglot

Key Features:

  • Ease of Use: offers everything needed to translate, display, and manage a multilingual website with full editing control.

  • Compatibility: Weglot can be connected with almost any website technology.

  • Automatic Content Detection: Weglot continuously detects and translates any new content or page additions.

  • Integrated Translation Management: Supports manual translations wherever you want

  • Multilingual SEO: The platform provides automatically created language subdomains or subdirectories, hreflang tag implementation, and translated metadata to help rank translated pages on search engines.

Once Weglot is configured, it promptly initiates the translation of your website through automated machine translation. However, recognizing the inherent imperfections of machine translation, Weglot empowers you with the following options: manually refine translations or utilize professional translation services to outsource the task.

Weglot Drawbacks:

  • It is not cheap, $17 per 10,000 words and 1 language, $32 per 50,000 words and 3 languages, $87 per 200.000 words and 5 languages, $329 per 1.000.000 words and 10 languages, $769 per 5.000.000 words and 20 languages.

  • The free plan is limited to up to 2,000 words and only one language

  • If you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to show translated content anymore

  • Automatic translation most often needs manual corrections

How Does It Compare With Seatext?

Seatext focuses on optimizing the conversion rate of your translated website content using advanced AI technology. By creating 10 different variations of translations for each text on a website and conducting A/B testing, Seatext determines the best-performing version. This continuous improvement approach ensures that the content is not only translated but also optimized for maximum sales impact.

Seatext can be installed in under a minute, requiring no development skills. It is compatible with over 200 platforms and offers automatic SEO optimization for 50 languages. Seatext is known for its precision and reliability in translations, making it a dependable choice.

Why Seatext is the Best Website Translation Software in 2023

With Seatext, you get comprehensive website translation all from one centralized dashboard:

  • Fast, 1- minute install and full website translation

  • Automatic content detection, translation, and display of translated content
  • Includes media translations, dynamic content like popups, buttons, etc.

  • Ai- A/B tested translation for ultra-localized website translation

  • Easy translation management

  • Visual Editor
  • Glossary of terms
  • Translations List view
  • Translation exclusions
  • Full website localization

  • Multilingual SEO-friendly

  • Automatic visitor redirection

  • Automatic translation workflow

  • Continuously syncs with your live site so any changes you make, including new content, are automatically detected, translated, then displayed on your website

Seatext is user-friendly and works seamlessly with any website—especially WordPress. For full control over your translations, an intuitive website translation management experience, and a fuss-free translation management system, Seatext has what you need to run a seamless multilingual website.

We offer a variety of pricing plans that suit different needs, or start for free forever for small websites, no credit card required.

Try Seatext’s services and see for yourself just how easy it is to have a multilingual WordPress website up and running!
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Weglot (human translation)
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Seatext AI generates ten different translation variants and conducts A/B tests to determine which one attracts more customers. This unique approach sets it apart from other translation services.
1.2 % conversion
1.8 % conversion
8% conversion
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SEATEXT AI makes 90% fewer mistakes than other machine translators and 50% fewer mistakes than human translators.
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