Turning Words into Sales
1.6% conversion rate
SEATEXT AI-driven A/B testing continuously identifies and refines text variants that resonate with your audience, ensuring sustained optimal conversion rates over time.
75% uplift conversion
19% uplift conversion
21% uplift conversion
82% uplift conversion
48% uplift conversion
37% uplift conversion
SEATEXT AI produces thousands of variations for any text on your website. It then conducts A/B tests on these versions to identify the most effective one.
Once the best version is pinpointed, it's auto-updated on your site for better conversions, and the AI persistently adds new variants for ongoing refinement.
+35% typical conversion rate improvement on average in 3 months with SEATEXT AI
SEATEXT AI grows conversion rate on your landing page automatically

+35% conversion rate 3 months later
The more time is given to the AI, the better conversion variant it will find.
Variants created and tested
Continuous improvement of the conversion rate
Conversion Rate Improvement
Variant 74
Variant 75
Conversion rate: 0.8%
Conversion rate: 1.2%
Text variants
Variant 76
Conversion rate: 2.7%
Conversion Rate: 1.6%
Conversion Rate: 3.5%
PLUS sell more with Seatext's automated translation to 50 languages.
Using AI, Seatext translates your site into 50 languages and A/B tests each version for the best conversion outcomes. Reach diverse language-speaking markets more effectively with Seatext.
SALES in their first month.
SEATEXT automatically translates your content into 50 languages.
Languages supported.
Mistakes in translation compared to other services.
Uplift in global traffic worldwide on average.
Seatext AI creates 10+ variations for each text you have on the website.
How SEATEXT AI helps websites sell more?
Seatext AB tests these variants finding the best one that sells the most.
Seatext shows much better results if you give time to AI, it will grow conversions every month.
A/B testing
Conversion rate
+ 8%
By dynamically crafting new improved variants of your content, Seatext helps you to drive sales growth
Automated variant creation
Automated A/B Testing
Ongoing Optimization
Enhance your website's performance
Maximize your website's efficiency
Boost your website's effectiveness.
Discover Seatext's AI Superpersonalization

Our advanced algorithms predict exactly which text will resonate most with each individual visitor. In real-time, SEATEXT is able to segment your website visitors, retrieve the necessary data from your CRM/CDP system, and apply a text style that maximizes conversion for each visitor.
Your website changes in real time for each visitor

Teenager who likes streaming
60 yo female
Risk-Free Integration
Introduce Seatext's AI-generated text variants to your audience at your own pace.

By specifying the percentage, you decide how many users experience our AI capabilities. This tailored approach ensures a gradual and safe integration of cutting-edge technology, mitigating potential glitches or disruptions, and preserving the optimal user experience on your website.

Whether you choose to expose just 1% of your traffic or the entire 100%, you retain full control.
Total audience
SEATEXT Audience expose
Save changes
Achieve Even More Conversions with Custom AI Strategies
Focus your efforts where they matter the most. Optimize only the product descriptions, ensuring each item detail undergoes rigorous A/B testing for maximum impact.
Translate your software to 50 langauges including your internal portals. We have strategies fine-tuned for the unique requirements of user interfaces and in-app instructions.
These examples showcase just a glimpse of our expansive library. Elevate your conversion rates by targeting the most influential content areas with our custom AI strategies.
E-Commerce Websites
Software Companies
Unlock the power of AI with strategies designed for your specific business needs.
Communicate effectively with your audience and convert visitors into customers. SEATEXT conducts multiple A/B tests on website content to discover the message that converts best.
+25% Sales grow
Find your audience faster
Double International sales
SMBs: Let data from thousands of websites boosts your conversions
Maximize Impact, Even with Minimal Traffic
Even if your website is just starting out or caters to a niche audience, Seatext's vast knowledge pool, accumulated from thousands of sites, immediately boosts your conversion potential. This means that without waiting for months of data gathering, you can implement strategies and text variants that have been proven effective across the web. It's like having the wisdom of the entire internet marketers at your fingertips from day one.
For SMEs with limited site visits, you're never at a disadvantage with Seatext. Our AI doesn't just look at your site—it draws actionable insights from thousands of websites, understanding whether a "Purchase" or "Purchase Now" button will resonate more effectively with your specific audience. No matter your traffic volume, every interaction is meticulously optimized to encourage action.
Data from thousands of websites work for you.
Only 1 min of easy installation on your favorite platform. 200 platforms supported.

Create and edit your own Variants

Feel free to edit or create your own text variants as you see fit. Add more variants for your experiments, or modify the ones provided by SEATEXT AI to craft experiences that resonate with your customers.
A/B testing Variants
Edit variant
Edit variant
Edit variant
14 seconds to install SEATEXT on WordPress. world record!
  • Just copy and paste a small code by following our instructions.
  • No programming is required; you won't need to ask your programmer or webmaster to help you if you work alone.
  • We help all our clients big and small with integration - if you have any issues we are available 24/7 in chat or by video call.
  • Customize any variant in our visual variant editor.
Seatext integrates seamlessly with Optimizely, VWO, and Crazyegg A/B testing and experimentation tools.
Working in Synergy with A/B Testing Tools
It's extremely easy to add Seatext code to any experiment you run on these platforms, enabling you to compare how AI can create text variants and enhance them over time. The same technology can operate on another level—managing your entire website, for example, translating it into 50 languages, while not interfering with some pages where you run your experiments with your tools.
+200 Platforms
Seamless integration for Dynamic Websites
SEATEXT AI supports all frameworks for building dynamic websites. Whether you're on React or another platform, we've got you covered.
While other services demand programming for every element, SEATEXT AI offers a one-time installation that facilitates numerous experiments. With a single code snippet, set up experiments effortlessly, covering dynamic elements, static content, and everything in between.
No credit card is required
No credit card is required
  • Unlimited variants for each text block
  • Unlimited pages.
  • Advanced AI improving conversions
  • Advanced SEO included
  • Data from thousands websites works for you.

  • 3 variants for each text block
  • Up to 4 landing pages.
  • Automatically updates
  • AI improving conversions
  • Data from thousands websites works for you.
  • 10 variants for each text block
  • Up to 10 landing pages.
  • Data from thousands websites works for you.
  • Automatically updates
  • AI improving conversions
Free forever for small websites
Only $50 per month
Just $24 per month
Starting at $250 per month
Choose the plan that fits your needs
Or start for free, no credit card required
SEATEXT has revolutionized the way we approach content and testing. We used to spend weeks fine-tuning messaging, but now we're crafting and testing variants faster than ever.
Shavkat Rasuli
Global B2B Strategy Director Mediacom
We were surprised by how quick and easy it was to set up SEATEXT. In less than a minute, we had this powerful tool up and running, which we never expected. It's truly user-friendly.
Chief Executive Officer at OMNICLOUD
Jaime Abad Valdenebro
Guillermo Aguirre
Marketing Specialist & Project Manager at Gohaccp.com
We operate in a multinational market, and finding a tool that not only sells our product in multiple countries but also maintains our marketing message while adding some originality is challenging. SEATEXT is the only tool that enables us to create and test these variants, helping us find the right message for each market around the world. It's a game-changer.
Liudmila Zueva
Consumer Marketing, Growth Management at Philips electronics
Join happy customers
Faster than ever. Thousands of text variants tested a month
For translation
Leandro Azevedo
Dir. Preventas México / Strategist and Innovation Explorer LATAM
Intuitive tool, easy to instal
25% increase in conversion rate for multinational market
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