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Using a website translation plugin is a quicker alternative to professional translation services, which can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for extensive websites.

However, before you decide on a plugin, consider the following:

  • Plugin translations might not always be flawless. Many plugins depend solely on machine translations, which accounts for their speed. You might need to adjust certain phrases, modify translated sentences, or adapt translations to align with your brand's voice.

  • You might not have the desired control over your site. Some essential pages might require manual, human translation to capture your brand's message accurately. Not all plugins provide this level of control or customization.

  • They might not assist with SEO. Several website translation plugins focus only on translating your site's content and neglect SEO. They might not translate metadata, tags, alt tags, categories, URLs, or create subdomains for each translated version of your site. Without these SEO features, your translated site might not rank for its translated keywords on Google.

  • Compatibility issues might arise. Many plugins are exclusively for WordPress. While WordPress hosts a significant portion of websites, you might need a plugin compatible with a different content management system (CMS).

At Seatext, we understand these challenges. We've assisted countless websites in translating their content into numerous languages.
To guide you, we'll first discuss the essential features to look for in a plugin, and then introduce you to 4 of the top website translation plugins available.

5 Essential Features for Your Translation Plugin

Before diving into specific plugins, let's discuss the features that will be most beneficial when translating your site:

  1. Automation: Quickly translate your site without manually reviewing every word. However, this machine translation should be dependable.
  2. Accuracy: Inaccurate translations can deter potential customers. While machine translation might not always be perfect, opt for a plugin that allows you to modify the content and select your translation quality.
  3. Customization: Display language options on your site as you see fit. Choose which sections or pages you don't want to translate. The best plugins offer control over the user experience.
  4. SEO Features: Translate your metadata and on-page SEO elements and create a subdirectory/subdomain for each translated website version.
  5. Affordability and Scalability: Ensure you're not overpaying for a single site. If you have an ecommerce site with numerous product pages and categories, you shouldn't be charged per page.

With these features in mind, let's explore some of the best website translation plugins, starting with our own, Seatext.

1. Seatext: The Universal Website Translation Plugin

Seatext is a versatile website translation software compatible with any website, from WordPress to Shopify to Squarespace to WooCommerce, and even sites you're developing independently.
With Seatext, you benefit from:

  • Rapid machine translation that supports over 50 different languages.
  • The ability to modify your translations, either by incorporating your translation team or by using professional translators integrated within Seatext.
  • Advanced SEO features, including custom URLs for each translated site and automatic metadata translation.

Translating your website with Seatext is straightforward. For instance, if you're using WordPress, the process is simple, regardless of your CMS.

How to Translate Your Website with Seatext in Three Steps:

  1. Install the Seatext Plugin: Navigate to "Add Plugins" and search for Seatext. Once installed and activated, you'll find a Seatext tab on your sidebar.
  2. Configure Your Seatext Account: Clicking on the Seatext tab will lead you to the main configuration screen. Here, input your API key provided upon setting up a Seatext account and selecting your desired plan. We offer both free and premium plans tailored to your needs.
  3. Choose Your Languages: Return to WordPress, input your API Key, select your site's primary language, and decide on the additional languages you want. We offer over 50 languages, including custom ones.

Once set, your website instantly becomes multilingual! Visitors can easily switch between languages using the language selector.
Seatext offers advanced features, allowing you to manually adjust translations, optimize your site for SEO in various languages, and customize your site's appearance.

Manually Adjusting Translations:

Certain sections of your translated pages might need refinement. With Seatext, making manual adjustments is quick and easy. Access all translations from your Seatext Dashboard, filter content by URL or specific phrases, and make necessary changes. These edits are automatically saved on your site.

Customizing Your Site's Appearance:

Customize your language button's display and appearance. Decide which pages to exclude from translations and even exclude specific sections on a page. Additionally, Seatext's "Auto Switch" feature automatically redirects visitors based on their browser language settings, ensuring they view your site in their preferred language.

SEO-Focused Translation:

Seatext prioritizes SEO, ensuring your translated website ranks for the right keywords. We adhere to Google's best practices for multilingual SEO, including creating unique URLs for each translated site, adding tags in your source code indicating translated versions, and automatically translating your site's SEO tags and metadata.

2. Polylang:

Polylang is a renowned WordPress translation plugin, with a version for WooCommerce stores. If you're using a different CMS, Polylang might not be suitable. However, for multilingual WordPress sites or WooCommerce shops, it's worth considering.

3. WPML:

WPML, or WordPress Multilingual Plugin, is designed for translating WordPress websites. It offers over 40 languages, which is fewer than Polylang and Seatext.

4. GTranslate:

GTranslate employs Google Translate's services to translate your website. They offer a free version, but essential features are available only on their paid plans.


Seatext is a comprehensive website translation software compatible with any site. Our pricing is based on the number of sites, languages, and specific features you require.

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