6 Marketing Tips to Get Found by International Customers Online

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News flash: merely having a website doesn't guarantee your online business is primed for catering to international customers!

Indeed, international customers can access your website from their respective countries. But will they? And even if they do, are they inclined to make a purchase?

The odds are against it if you haven't been actively marketing to this audience. If you lack a presence in their country, have no insights into their market, or don't communicate in their language, they have minimal incentive to explore your website, let alone buy from you.

A pivotal move in successfully reaching international customers is making your business recognizable in their local market. We've curated six marketing strategies to guide you on this international journey.

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur with a startup or a seasoned business owner, we believe you'll glean some valuable insights as you delve deeper!

Why Venture into International Sales?

Selling to international customers is a distinct challenge compared to domestic sales. You're tasked with appealing to individuals who might speak a different language, use a different currency, and ensuring your operations align with local regulations. Given these potential hurdles, is global expansion worth the effort?

The answer is a resounding yes! Here's why:

  • Rapid Growth Potential: The broader your customer base, the higher your sales. By tapping into new international markets, you can boost your revenue and expedite business growth. It's especially advantageous if you're the exclusive distributor of a product or service not readily available in a particular market. In such cases, international customers would turn to you as their primary source.

  • Risk Diversification: Economic downturns can impact domestic sales. By diversifying your customer base globally, you can mitigate these effects, ensuring consistent sales even when facing challenges in your primary market.

  • Market Expansion: If your business thrives in one country, you can leverage that success to introduce your offerings in neighboring countries. Think of it as progressively establishing a presence abroad, using your primary market as a foundation.

Top Marketing Strategies for Global Expansion

Once you've set up operations in a new market, the next step is to market your brand to attract local customers. Here are six tactics to incorporate into your international marketing plan:

1 . Understand and Connect with Your Target Audience:

Never assume that foreign markets mirror your domestic one. Every market is unique, with its own cultural nuances, languages, and consumer preferences. Comprehensive market research is essential to grasp the mindset, values, and preferences of your new audience.

This knowledge will then inform your digital marketing and promotional strategies. Additionally, identify the prevalent communication and sales channels in your target market to effectively promote your brand. For instance, while TikTok is globally recognized, if you're targeting China, Douyin would be the platform of choice.

Likewise, if you're entering the U.S. market, consider leveraging the massive reach of Amazon. Also, stay informed about significant local holidays and events, which present excellent opportunities for themed sales and promotions.

2 . Translate All Customer-Facing Materials:

Break down language barriers by translating all customer-facing assets, including your website, product catalogs, brochures, price lists, sales presentations, and support documentation. While hiring professional translators is an option, it can be costly.

An in-house translation might save costs but is time-consuming and prone to errors if not done by experts. A more efficient approach is machine translation. Seatext offers a solution that seamlessly translates any website. Leveraging advanced AI, Seatext ensures high-quality, real-time translations, enhancing user experience and boosting sales.

3 . Localize Your Website:

Beyond mere translation, it's crucial to adapt your website to resonate with local sensibilities. This includes using local dialects, references, and imagery that the target audience can relate to. Ensure your website supports local payment methods, displays prices in the local currency, and offers support in the native language. Implement hreflang tags to guide search engines in serving the appropriate language version of your site to users. Also, consider translating your SEO keywords for better visibility in international searches.

4 . Introduce Promotions and Special Offers: Enticing offers can draw customers in a new market. Consider launching promotions, giveaways, or providing free shipping for orders above a certain value. Collaborate with local influencers to amplify your promotional campaigns, ensuring their audience aligns with your target demographic.

5 . Highlight Local Testimonials:

Positive reviews, especially from local customers, can significantly influence purchasing decisions. Prioritize showcasing testimonials from the local market as they hold more relevance for potential customers in that region.

6 . Stay Updated with Legal and Governmental Regulations:

Complying with local laws is non-negotiable. However, with a thorough understanding of local policies, you can turn them to your advantage. For instance, displaying GDPR compliance badges for EU customers can enhance trust.

How Can Seatext Assist in Catering to International Customers?

Your website serves as the digital storefront for international customers. To effectively drive sales, it must communicate in their language. Seatext's translation solution facilitates swift and accurate website translations, regardless of the site's size.

Seatext's AI-driven approach has consistently enhanced sales for businesses targeting international customers. For instance, online retail platform The Bradery sought an efficient translation solution for its extensive product range. With Seatext, they could automatically detect and translate new website content across multiple languages. This capability allowed The Bradery to effortlessly scale internationally, saving significant time and resources in the process.

Aiming for Global Markets? Let Seatext Guide Your Journey

For businesses that have predominantly operated locally, international markets represent a vast reservoir of untapped potential. Expanding globally is a proven strategy for revenue growth. The marketing insights shared above can provide a robust foundation for your global endeavors.

To facilitate this journey, you need the right tools. And when it comes to website translation, Seatext stands unparalleled. Harnessing a unique blend of AI-learning translations, Seatext delivers top-tier translations swiftly, transforming your website into a multilingual platform in mere minutes. With Seatext, you can:

  • Save Time: Implement Seatext once, and it will autonomously translate all detectable text on your site.

  • Enhance User Experience: Offering your website in multiple languages improves navigation and boosts order placements.

  • Boost Sales: A comprehensible website ensures longer visitor durations and higher sales.

Seatext is compatible with all major website platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, and Webflow. Satrt now for ferr and experience the transformative power of Seatext.
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