How to use Seatext
AI Basic translation
Boost sales with a multilingual website, offering basic translations in 107 languages. This AI is ideal if you have a small number of international visitors and don't need to A/B test your translations.

Activating AI Basic translation
1. Navigate the Main AI Hub. In the dropdown select the URL where you want to activate the AI Basic translation
2. Scroll down to the AIs section and locate the AI Basic Translation card. Activate the AI Basic Translation by switching the toggle to on, it should be blue for this case. After that, the AI will start translating your website.
3. To see the translation created by Seatext navigate the variant editor, and choose the URL and the language of your website you want to see. In this section, you can see the translation created by Seatext, here you are able to edit and delete your translated content.

Adjusting Fonts for languages:
In the AI Basic Translation Settings, turn on the toggle to Allow AI to adjust fonts for specific languages that might not display well with your website's default fonts (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, and more).
Selecting languages:
In the AI Basic Translation Settings, navigate to the language selector panel. in the Allowed Languages panel, you will see the list of languages that Seatext provides for translation.

To disable certain languages simply click on the check box corresponding to the language, then click on the > button to switch it to the Disallowed Languages panel, make sure that the language you don't want to translate appears in the Disallowed Languages panel.