Variants management
Editing variants
In this section we will explore how to edit and delete variant on Seatext AI

Accessing Variants Editor
  1. Navigate to the Variants Editor: Go to the left menu and click on "Variants Editor."
  2. Select the URL: Choose the URL you wish to review from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the Language: Choose the desired language.
  4. Wait for Panels to Load: The panels displaying the variants for each text block on your website will load.
Edit the Variant:
  1. Select the text block you want to edit.
  2. Click inside the text box to start editing the variant.
  3. Click "Save Edits" to save your changes.
Deleting Variants
  1. Locate the Text Block: Find the text block you want to review.
  2. Locate the Variant: Identify the variant you want to delete.
  3. Delete the Variant: Click on "Delete Variant."
  4. Wait until the variant is deleted. Click "Save Changes" to finalize the deletion.
By following these steps, you can efficiently edit and manage the text variants on your website using Seatext AI.