SEATEXT AI Implementation Guide for Large Websites
At SEATEXT, we have extensive experience working with clients who receive over half a million visitors daily. To ensure a seamless integration of our AI technology, we recommend the following steps:

1. Start Small
Begin by installing SEATEXT on a few non-critical web pages for a week to understand how our AI works.

This will give you insight into how our AI changes and creates text, how you can edit it, and its performance.

You may need to make minor design adjustments to accommodate AI-generated text, which can be up to 30% longer than the original content.

2. Establish AI Text Variant Monitoring
Understand how AI text variant monitoring will work within your organization.

Many corporate clients require that all website content be reviewed. Our AI produces a large volume of content, which will need to be tested. Typically, each AI variant is shown to no more than 500 visitors during testing, making it unnecessary to review each one.

However, variants that perform well and are shown to thousands of visitors per hour will require review.

3. Leverage AI Personalization
Feed our AI with your Customer Data Platform (CDP) data to enable personalization.

This does not mean your website will address visitors by name. Instead, our AI will generate personalized variants based on location, age, income, and other parameters, resulting in subtle changes (often just 3-4 words) compared to mass-tested text variants.

We recommend not spending organizational resources reviewing these minor changes.

4. Customized AI Support
Our SEATEXT AI team can fine-tune our AI to better understand your industry and provide more insights when creating text variants.

Please reach out to us, and we will adjust our AI to meet your needs. If you encounter any issues, we will resolve them quickly, often within a few days.

By following these steps, you can ensure a successful integration of SEATEXT AI into your large website.