how to usea seatext ai
Main AI Hub
The Main AI Hub provides comprehensive information regarding the statistics and AI modules activated on your website. It is organized into two primary sections: the Statistics Panel and the AIs Panel.

Accessing the Main AI Hub
  • To access the Main AI Hub navigate to the left panel, and click on Main AI Hub.
  • In the drop-down select the URL you want to review.

  1. Statistics Panel
The Statistics Panel displays data for the URLs of your website where Seatext is installed.
Statistics Panel

The Statistics Panel includes the following components:

Data Area:
  • Views: The total number of views for the specified URL.
  • Conversion Rate Growth: The percentage increase in conversion rates.
  • Languages: The number of languages your website is translated into.
  • Variants in MVT Testing: The number of text variants created by Seatext for multi-variate testing (MVT).
In the data area, you can see the conversion rate for the selected URL
Graph Area:
This graph illustrates the relationship between the number of views and the conversion rate for the selected URL.

You can choose to view the statistics for the entire website or specific URLs where Seatext AI is installed by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.
In the Graph Area you can see the conversion rate for this URL the last 20 days-

2. AIs Panel

The AIs Panel displays the Seatext AIs modules. In this section, you can activate or deactivate various AI models for your website and configure their Settings.

Find what AIs are working on your website. Activate those you need.
Switch the toggle On to activate each AI

Within the AIs Panel, you can review the following:

  • Activation: Turn on the AI modules you wish to run on your website.
  • Status: View which AI modules are currently active.
  • Settings: Configure the scope and parameters for each AI module by clicking on the corresponding "Settings" option.