How to use Seatext
AI improves your landing pages
This model is created to improve your landing pages. It has a limited scope compared to the main model.

Activating AI improves your landing pages
Navigate the Main AI Hub. In the dropdown select the URL where you want to activate the AI improves your landing pages.
Scroll down to the AIs section and locate the AI improves your landing pages card. Activate the AI improves your landing pages by switching the toggle to on, it should be blue for this case.

After that, the AI will start generating text variants of your landing page and automatically test them. To see the variants created by Seatext navigate the variant editor, and choose the URL and the language of your website you want to see.

In this section, you can see the results of the a/b testing and the variants created by Seatext, here you are also able to edit, delete, and create variants of your website content.

Configure AI improves your landing pages Scope
You can limit the model's scope in the Settings

In the AI improves your landing pages card click on Settings, a pop-up will appear and you will see a list of parameters. You can turn on each parameter to allow Seatext to work on each specific element of your landing page.

General AI Settings
In this section, you are able to set the parameters for the behavior of the AI on your website during the content generation driven by the AI.
AI creativity level:
Adjust how creative the AI should be. A lower setting means the AI will generate content that's significantly different from the original, while a higher setting limits creativity to minimal changes.
Number of Variants to Create:
Choose the number of variant outputs. A lower number is suitable for sites with small traffic, while a higher number caters to websites with at least 30K visitors a month.
Preserve Your Brand Voice (0-10):
Should AI copy your Brand voice characteristics, keeping it closer to your brand style, or have the ability to be more creative and depart from usual brand patterns? A higher value preserves your brand voice more closely.

A/B Testing Settings
In this section, you can determine the parameters for the automatic a/b testing ruled by Seatext.
Confidence Level for A/B Testing:
This slider adjusts the confidence level required to determine a winning variant in A/B testing. A higher confidence level means requiring more evidence (data) before making a decision, reducing the risk of false positives but potentially requiring more time and traffic.
Early Elimination of Underperforming Variants:
Adjust how quickly underperforming variants are discarded during A/B testing. A lower threshold is less aggressive, keeping variants longer for more data collection, while a higher threshold more quickly eliminates variants deemed underperforming based on early results.
Introduce AI variants slowly to your visitors:
This percentage of traffic should see AI variants, put it to 10% if you need to introduce AI variants to your visitors very slowly. Your original text will be tested in an A/B mix as one of the variants.