Understanding How SEATEXT AI Transforms Your Website
Dynamic Text Customization:
Imagine a visitor from France lands on your website. Within milliseconds, SEATEXT AI activates, translating the website's text into French. But SEATEXT AI's capabilities extend beyond simple language translation; it also dynamically modifies text for A/B testing. This means when a visitor arrives at your site, the AI quickly presents a version of the text it aims to evaluate.

Essentially, SEATEXT AI is constantly at work to identify the most effective text for each visitor, considering factors such as language preferences, device type, advertising data, and previously tested text variations. For some, the text might be simplified for ease of understanding; for others, it could be shortened for mobile viewing and more.
Visitor from Germany
Visitor from Germany
Visitor from England
Visitor from Russia
How to install
Before these dynamic changes take place, SEATEXT AI prepares by creating multiple text variants in various languages. To enable this functionality, you must first install SEATEXT on your website.

Choose your system to start the installation:
Activating AI
After installing SEATEXT on your website, you need to activate the required AIs at the Main AI Hub to allow SEATEXT to begin generating text for translation and testing.

SEATEXT utilizes a bespoke Large Language Model (LLM), the SEATEXT LLM, trained on millions of web visitors' interactions.

This proprietary model can predict which text variants are most likely to convert visitors into customers, offering insights across 107 supported languages.

It's akin to working with a high-level AI copywriter attuned to what resonates with your audience.
Variant Editing:
It's understood not all AI-generated texts will align with your brand's tone or message.

The Variant Editor allows you to review and edit the AI's outputs, ensuring consistency with your brand. This feature also enables you to track the performance of different text variants in A/B tests.

Moreover, it offers the flexibility for additional checks by your legal team or translators, making it a versatile tool for everyone in your organization to edit, delete, or add new text variants.
For those who desire granular control over their website's optimization, SEATEXT AI offers customizable testing parameters.

Whether adjusting settings for individual pages or selecting different models, you have the freedom to tailor the AI's testing approach to meet your unique needs.

The AI is designed to autonomously improve text by generating, testing, and implementing the most effective variants.
Continuous Improvement and Advanced MVT Testing:
SEATEXT is engineered to perpetually generate, test, and apply new text variants to your website, enhancing content through A/B testing and beyond. Its Multi-Variant Testing (MVT) capability allows for evaluating over ten variants simultaneously, using metrics like confidence levels to provide a conversion rating for each. Despite the complexity, the results are accessible and understandable through the Variant Editor, where continuous feedback can guide the AI in optimizing content.
Watching the AI Magic Happen:
Once SEATEXT AI is activated, you can observe as it seamlessly transforms your website's text. These adjustments, over time, contribute to higher conversion rates, making your website more compelling and accessible to a global audience.

In summary, SEATEXT AI acts as an ever-vigilant team, tirelessly refining your website's content to directly address the needs and preferences of every visitor. With SEATEXT AI, your website is transformed into a dynamic platform, continually evolving to maximize user engagement and conversion.
Variants created and tested
Continuous improvement of the conversion rate
Conversion Rate Improvement
+35% typical conversion rate improvement on average in 3 months with SEATEXT AI
The more time is given to the AI, the better conversion variant it will find.
seatext ai results
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